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 World Bosses

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PostSubject: World Bosses   Sat Aug 21, 2010 12:49 am

I have taken the Liberty of writing down the Lil Aid guide to the world bosses and posting them on this thread for your convenience. Hope it comes in handy for anyone interested in these bosses. I have also added some notes of my own that help you in your adventures through the land of Jade Dynasty. Another note..any coords given in a "dungeon" will not allow you to auto route if typed into your destination list, but they are posted here for a lil advantage when making your way through these winding Tombs. Enjoy Adventurers!!


Wartsworth the Toad King- lvl 11- Located in R2 at 100, -175

Zarras Elder- Lvl 18- Located in R3 at 407, 398

Vicious Bandit - Lvl 18- Located in R7 at -46, 328


Bloodsmelt Rouge - Lvl 81- Located in R2 Cave of Fangs at 331, -273

Zarras Duchess - lvl 34 - Located in R4 at -446, -363

Gilded Bloodbat -lvl 81- Located in R6 Cave of Fangs at 298, -415

Tuff Kong -lvl 23- Located in R8 at -50, 30

Abyssal Viper -lvl 81- Located in R7 Forsaken Abyss (2nd lvl of the Cave of Fangs) at -350, -400

*Following Bosses Located in Moontop Hollow are only summoned by doing Mr.Mundors Quest in R14 Sunstream takes 100 players to unlock the Boss from the related of yet no one has done this on this server to our knowledge, most liekly due to needing 100 players to complete the quest. All these bosses are located in R14 Moontop Hollow*

Elder Blackheart -lvl 150+- -346, -59
Vanti The Etherblade -lvl 150+- -105, -76
Madame Chimes -lvl 150+- -424, -210
Fusoir the Fallen -lvl 150+- -16, -214
Beast Lord -150+- 125, 100


Sanguine Minister lvl 50 located in R5 -300, 298

Oran Goreclaw lvl 50 located in R9 -325, 5

General Clinks lvl 50 Located in R10 135, 335


Corsair Captain lvl 65 Located in R2 1, -240

Black Eel lvl 96 Located in R3 Dark Drake Cave -142, 167

Abominable Sea Spider lvl 65 Located in R6 -158, 393

King Rhinoback lvl 65 Located in R7 -413, -402

Flame Phoenix lvl 96 Located in Dark Drake Cave R8 -322, -271


Mindrot Menace lvl 96 Located in Fox Hill Tomb R2 270, -100

Gillhook lvl 80 Located in R3 270, 309

Li Ganis lvl 80 Located in R4 -146, 140

Lava King lvl 96 Located in R4 Fox Hill Tomb 250, -255

Felis Berserker lvl 96 Located in Fox Hill Tomb R4 -222, -266

Dragon of Illumination lvl 96 Located in Fox Hill Tomb R6 450, -200

Torin Kul lvl 96 Located in Fox Hill Tomb R7 -137, -180

Hive Mother lvl 80 Located in R8 350, 50

Snarling Ravager lvl 96 Located in Fox Hill Tomb R9 -85, -200

Bird of Prey lvl 96 Located in Fox Hill Tomb R10 150, -260

*The Bosses of Fox Hill Tomb are part of an Explorer Quest line that starts at Tanis Ka in SunStream City. The first boss to defeat is the Felis Berserker. You CANNOT get to the second lvl of Fox Hill Tomb or the other Fix Hill Bosses until you defeat this boss and turn in the quest to the quest ender.*


Blood Lion lvl 96 Located in R5 -337, -231

Desolation Beast lvl 95 located in R9 -310, -228

Kiman Hostis lvl 95 Located in R10 -400, 125


King of Abonminations lvl 95 Located in R6 361, 333


Ceaseless Rot lvl 125 Located in R2 -371, 270

Subordinate of the Depths lvl 126 Located in R4 Cave of Ancient Tales -383, 234

Beast Lord lvl 126 Located in R8 Cave of Ancient Tales -360, 355

Bahun the Crimson Located in R8 Cave of Ancient Tales -390, -100

*The Cave of Ancient Tales is filled with Traps. There is a beginning quest when you first enter this cave that is nessacary to complete to get to the second and third parts of the dungeon. You need the item you get from completeing this quest to make it safely through the poison gas and fire traps located furthur in of this deadly Cave*


Xaos lvl 150+ Located in R5 Kunlun Wonderland 375, 380

Kunlun Slave lvl 125 Located in R7 -335, 125

Judge of the Glacier lvl 141 Located in R7 -50, 162

General of Darkness lvl 150+ Located in R9 Kunlun Wonderland -400, 135

Beast of Enlightenment lvl 141 Located in R10 Kunlun Wonderland -15, 85

*Kunlun Wonderland Mobs are part of a quest line as well and you need certain items to open massive gates to reach these bosses. WARNING TO ADVENTURERS!! Come prepared with a full pt of capable players. With plently of pots/batteries. Once your part passes through these gates they close behind you and your locked in. If you port and try to come back you will find yourself locked out and unable to reach your doomed party members.*


Lord Earthforce lvl 155 Located in R2 -10, 267

King of Orchids lvl 155 Located in R3 350, -385

Master Of Pain lvl 155 Located in R4 150, 100

Yinmu Lvl 155 Located in R5 -388, 71

WindFire Chief lvl 155 Located in R6 404, 319

Bird of Dystopia lvl 150+ Located in R8 Palace of Purgatory -25, 25

Cocoon Queen lvl 155 Located in R8 -174, 102

Yin Yang Priest lvl 155 Located in R10 -175, 441

*Shura Bosses are part of a career quest line and are appropriatly lvl capped. Do not attempt these bosses solo or they will surely defeat you with one hit*


General of Darkness You Tube Video

Cocoon Queen You Tube Video

Master of Pain

Lord Earthforce

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World Bosses
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