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 Tier Five

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PostSubject: Tier Five   Sat Aug 21, 2010 1:27 am

Here is a short guide to the Tier Five quest.

First and foremost get yourself a Free Lunch pet from the Free Lunch Quest from Pet Tamer Totto in Sunstream City. You will need a free lunch pet to attk Skyscream with and pull his aggro off of you and onto the pet. You yourself should NEVER attk skyscream!! Skyscream does AOE Bleed for very significant damage and you dont want him hitting you while your bleeding. When he one shots the freen lunch pet he will unaggro and stand off by himself for a very short time, but these precious seconds are important as it gives your character some breathing room while not being hit and helps save your pots. (which you need plenty of). Whatever you do DO NOT use your own pet that you know and love. The more a pet die, the more it ages and begins to hate you. Now lets not do that to the pets who have stood at our sides in some very hard times.
When Fighting Skyscream (the last requirement for Completeing Tier Five) do yourself a HUGE favor and hot key your pet summons and your Health Pots!!

There is another part of Tier Five that will require you to use Portal Charms. This running around part of the quest is timed and portal charms are imperative if you want to make it on time and not fail the quest. The following coords are where you need to set the portal charms to save you the most amount of time. Oh and do yourself a favor..make sure you line the set portal charms up in order so you dont get confused and click the wrong one. eek

Brishen 143, -432 (Kunlun)
Mufi 274, 163 (Kunlun)
General Camlo 107, 399 (Kunlun)
Lord Lushen 419, -198 (Shura)
The fifth and sixth npcs you speak with are close enough to each other to not need portal charms.


This is said to be the most frustrating part of the Tier Five Quest. Collecting parts of bamboo in Jadeon (49 to be exact). While it doesnt seem like much, it can be a long process as you can only hit these "mobs" for -1 dmg. So do yourself a favor if you havent already and purchase a Bonus Dmg Necklace or ask a player who has one to help you with this part. Also Modo's with Flesh Burn are very popular for this quest as that skill can Bleed the mobs....though how you bleed a plant im not exactly sure. lol


Place portal charms at Elder Of Mystery and the Levitating Traveler!!!!

This mob also requires a portal charm. Depending on the party you have it may take quite some time to defeat this mob....the problem? Its timed...of course. Once you finish the part prior to this part of the Tier Five quest DO NOT TAKE IT. Simply have your party members wait at the Mob...Located in Cold Cloud in Kunlun, and start killing it. Once the mob reaches about 10% port to the Elder of Mystery take the quest and port back. You now have more than enough time to complete the quest...which automatically turns in once the mob is dead.
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Tier Five
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