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 Pet Crafting!!

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PostSubject: Pet Crafting!!    Sat Aug 21, 2010 7:38 pm

Hello all!! I know myself and Sailimine are becoming Pet Crafters, and journey that should prove very rewarding. And yes probably test our limits of paitience at times Im sure. But im posting a few tips and tricks for those of you out there who are interested in becoming pet crafters! And if you are already a pet crafter be sure to post anything you think might be valuble knowledge! Thankyou!! I love you

First off if your serious about pet crafting then be prepared to need some mandatory things to help you along the way.

Things you will need for pet crafting:

Pets and lots of them. Your are going to need at least one pet per apptitude! Fishing, Mining, Treasure, Woodwork, Farming, and Hunting. You can either get three-four pets that can do at least all types of gathering between them and switch out what they gather, or you can get a one pet for each apptiude. Remember that a pet has to be a least lvl 30 to begin mat gathering.

Sunray Brooch:
This item is found in the Cash shop/marketplace of Jade Dynasty. This item can increase your pet roster which allows you to put mulitiple pets in your pet roster. A must have if your going to be pet crafting and having multiple pets gathering mats! This way you can have some of your pets gathering pet craft mats while allowing you to still summon the pet you use for fighting along side you.

This same item is also used to increase the Pet Bag Slots in your own Bag. Its called the Provision Tab in your bag. Buy two of these and give them to Pet Tamer Totto and he will increase the pet bag for you. This way the Pet craft mats gathered from your pets will automatically be placed here instead of taking up precious space in your bag. If your turning pet crafting into your business or plan on going for the long haul it would be a smart move to expand the pet bag to max if your ok with putting money into the game. This way you dont have to store your pet materials in your own stash...and we all know how fast that stash space can fill up. Nothing worse then looking for a place to put an important item and fidning you have too many pet mats filling up an area.

Getting Started:

So you've got materials and you know the recipes for making an item...but you still cant craft anything in the pet workshop... confused

In order for you to be able to craft a piece of gear from the Pet Workshop your pet needs to have a certain amount of points in an apptitude that the recipe requires...I'll use an example:


In order to craft something from the Pet worshop you must have a pet that has the apptitude requirement. Your pet gains points in appitude the more it collects pet mats from that apptitude.

You will gain Development points as you craft items in the pet Worshop. Development is important to pet crafting as it helps you create higher developement pieces. You will see this if you mouse over a recipe that your pet picks up. The recipe will tell you the lvl and the Number of Development points needed to learn the recipe. As Shown:


You gain one development point per item that you craft in the pet workshop.

Hope this guide to pet crafting helps you out and enjoy your new crafting venture!!
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Pet Crafting!!
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