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 Pet Gear

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PostSubject: Pet Gear    Mon Aug 23, 2010 2:27 pm

Heres a quick run down of what your pet can or cannot wear. No sense in getting a peice of gear and finding out later your pet isnt using it. Just because you can right click the gear and place it in he pet bag slot doesnt mean your pet is using it. So your probably thinking...Well how do I know its working Suspect . Heres an Example:

If the gear is surrounded by a yellow glow then its working. Also its important to note that a pet can only use 8 peices of pet gear at any given time. Here is a following list of Pet Gear and what pet can use it:

Claw: Used by all pet types and star signs

Armor: Solaris, Luna, Auris, and Terro

Mask: All types and Stars

Relic: Beast, Demon, Elemental, Immortal, Insect, Mutant, Speacial, Yasho

Vest: Arborik, Flowen, Magmas, Nestun, Logi

Pendant: All Pet types and stars

Dream: Aquatic, Avian, Celestial, Delusion, Fairy, Ghost, Humanoid, Nature

Sutra: Arborik, Flowen, Magmas, Nestun

Gem: Solaris, Luna, Auris, Terro, Logi

Legacy: Avain, Celestial, Delusion, Demon, Ghost, Humanoid, Immortal, Mutant

Mystery: Aquatic, Beast, Elemental, Fairy, Insect, Nature, Speacial, Yasho

Aura: All pet types and stars

Also Important to note is that every piece of gear is lvl limited!! So if there is a piece of pet gear on your pet that still looks like its not working it might be because the pet is too low lvl OR it could be the pet is the wrong Grade. Most pet gear crafted starts out a Grade 4, Then Grade 8, then Grade 12. Important also is that the only way to improve a piece of pet gears required Grade is by Fortifying it!! You can not craft Grade 12 Pet Gear you must Fortify it!
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Pet Gear
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