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 Felkin Affinity Guide

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PostSubject: Felkin Affinity Guide   Mon Aug 30, 2010 5:26 pm

Part I

Necessary: Skyblade(if you are a female character you can get someone to drop you ontop of the ghost) & about 1k Pots, depending on how fast you click.

Map: Wildlands

You'll be visiting a ghost in Wildlands who will take you through his test, he's up on a ledge in the middle of the pond in West WL so you need a skyblade to get to him.

This test is very similar to the T5 part 4 test, you have to stand IN a log in IV for 5 minutes without dying. When you are teleported into the log you have 3-4 mobs on you hitting you for constant damage. the damage ranged from 200 to 2k. As a skysong I was able to set my bot up to kill them and deal with them one at a time. If you are not a ranged class then I suggest a few things.

1. You'll need 2k pots to pot through the damage.
2. Attempt killing them with the beginner staff, though I dont know how effective it woud be.
3. Possibly try summoning a good pet to kill them with, though I dont know if this will work.

I finished this part on my first try, so I didnt have time to test any of those theories for non-ranged classes.

Part II

Useful Items: Skyblade, Pet lvl 120+(high grade/def even better)

Map: Southern Border

Easiest part, you're asked to go kill 3 kinds of mobs in Southern Border. Just auto-track to them(skyblade suggested as they will be blood red) and kill them. The 9 items dropped in less then 30 kills, it was really simple, I used my pet to kill everything as Im running around in my +1 lvl 90 diety set.

Part III

Items needed: a skysong to res you, 2-3 friends lvl 135+ to help damage the boss, 2-3k bots, buff crystals. I personally used a CS battery.

Suggestions: Dont use your pet, it will at least once if you forget to fuse it to you when running away and it will die. A pet that dies loses affection and max age. Also turn your effects on high so you can see the gold/yellowish colored aoe/heavy blow so you know when to run back in the middle.

Notes: this is managable with only 1 friend if they're a skysong and all they do is res you when you die but its highly suggested you get more or you'll need more pots and it will take a lot longer.

Map: Kunlun wonderland

After killing the necessary mobs you'll receive an item to summon the boss. You and your party will want to travel to the very back of Wonderland to Zifu Halls. My suggestions are the following: get someone who can round up all the mobs and tank them, if you dont have many people to help you then you can always use your skysong that is there to res you, just make sure they dont die.

Once you run into Zifu after killing all the mobs that agro'd as you ran through I suggest running off to a side before reaching the middle of the hall to prepare yourself. There are areas of the hall that you can stand in and not agro anything, its the best place for your res skysong to stand.

Killing the boss: Go to the center, right click your item and the boss spawns. We did this on realm 9 where an NPC is spawned in the middle, and the boss spawns right on top of him, that will give you an idea of whereto click your item(before I edit in screenshots).

You and your DPS'ers(friends 135+) take him on and kill him as fast as possible. You have to watch the text scrolling above his head/in chat because the moment he says he's going to kill all of you, you need to run back into the corner away from him towards your skysong.

The text "You have angered me! I will crush you! " means you have about 10 seconds to run. Once he says this, RUN back towards the starting corner, once he's used his skill, its a yellow/gold color'd aoe you are free to run back into the middle towards him.

The text, "I will make you vanish!" is when he uses his 1hit aoe that no one can live through. - If you cant use high effects then you will need to look for this phrase before running back in.

Basically you run back and forth repeating this process until he's at about 5%. Expect to die a few times, you may not run far back enough and get caught by his AOE. Once you get the hang of it its quite easy running back and forth. None of my party lost exp while dying to him(dont die to the mobs when running in -.-), so I dont believe puppets are necessary.

Once he's at 5% you need to disband your party completely.

Then you and only you have to tank and kill him.

Once you've killed him by yourself, you're done. Congrats on making it into the slowly growing ranks of the felkin affinity. Enjoy the new Felkin Map and your glitched title that claims you're part of the dagos affinity.

*Taken from the Offical Jade Dynasty Forums*
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Felkin Affinity Guide
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