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 Daily Events

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PostSubject: Daily Events   Sat Nov 13, 2010 2:31 am

Adding on to our weekly events I am also encouraging everyone to take advantage of being in the alliance and by that I mean helping each other on our day to day events. These include..Alliance Duty, Treasure Hunt, Cursed, Battle Grounds ect.

If you are going to be doing these events please mention it in Alliance Chat and help each other out. Most of these events go much, much faster when teamed together. And who better to team with then your alliance mates? Battle Grounds is a Great way to gain experience at lvl 90+ and teaming up with another person will make it go even faster and able to do that many more. Plus you wont burn through nearly as many pots as you would trying to Solo some of these events.

So if your heading out to one of these daily events, ask in alliance chat and see if anyone wants to tag along and help out.

Calisto- Pinnacle Warlord
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Daily Events
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