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 Reknown Contest Febuary 1st

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PostSubject: Reknown Contest Febuary 1st   Sat Jan 29, 2011 10:35 am

Hello Pinnacle,

I am officially announcing the start of our second alliance reknown contest!! Starting on Febuary 1st - 14th!!

Rules are as follows:

1. Only one toon per player is eligable to have they're reknown in the contest. Its not fair to players who play only one toon to be against another player who is playing five toons.

2. The chosen toon you enter into the alliance contest may only have they're reknown entered into the contest. This means I dont want you trading other toon's merits or provs to get an extreme advantage over other players.

So beginning at Midnight Server time on Febuary 1st the contest will officially start!! Constest will end Midnight server time on Febuary 14th, Valentines day. I will announce the winners the next day on this thread. That's two weeks to donate as much as you can! So remember you still have a little time to stock pile those merits before we officially begin!

Rewards are as follows:

First Place: 30 Jaden affraid

Second Place: 15 Jaden bounce

Third Place: 5 Jaden cheers

Two Runners up will receive one thousand gold!![b]

Have fun and good luck!!

Calisto- Pinnacle Warlord[b]

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PostSubject: Re: Reknown Contest Febuary 1st   Sat Jan 29, 2011 4:10 pm

ty Cali souds like fun ......Chi and Rachell remember what i said in earlier post lol lol! wish u all luck on 2 and 3rd place Very Happy ... well have fun all see u at event Laughing and no beat downs ... or i do this with ya heads-----> Basketball lmao hugs
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Reknown Contest Febuary 1st
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