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 The banning of a$$hole

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PostSubject: The banning of a$$hole   Tue Feb 08, 2011 7:17 am

as most of u know he was ban yesterday.... and as u probably know i spent many hrs and money to build him. so when he was banned they pulled my heart my heart outta my u all requested i shut up and do ticket... i did ticket and am awaiting a reply... but if i dont get him back just so u know i will still play here but alot less due to not wanting and not having the heart to waste time on another main. but love ya'll so will stop in to chat and hang hopefully i get him back and can stay here and be a pain in u alls side lol! but ya'll are special to me and a$$hole....more me cuz well u know about a$$hole's Laughing but i will await they answer and go from there ok

thank u all,

P.S. Hugs & Kisses Ladies....Hand shakes guys .... lol thats how i roll!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: The banning of a$$hole   Tue Feb 08, 2011 10:35 am

I hope you hear some good new soon bud. And I dont think anyone here would blame you for not playing more due to this happening. Most of us if not all of us here would be pretty upset as well. Hang in there and good luck!!!

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The banning of a$$hole
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